January 07, 2015

Update 2

Nebulus device used during rescue by Algoma Fire Dept. (WI): "I recently attended a ice rescue class at atlas outfitters in Dunbar Wi. All the departments that attended received a nebulus floatation device. Good thing we had it. This past Tuesday we had a chance to use it. A women was kayaking and rolled her kayak over and was trapped an a small clump of tress in the middle of a fast moving river. We were able to get across to her and put her in the nebulas [sp] and pull her back to shore. The raft worked flawlessly. Now I just need to know where to send it to to get it recharged. Thanks Dean"

February 21, 2013

Update 1

Nebulus device used during rescue by Hampshire Fire Dept. (WI). Read the the news article by clicking on the link: Rescue2_2_11_web