Nebulus Trainer


    The Nebulus Emergency Flotation Trainer offers the same flotation performance as the regular Nebulus Emergency Flotation Device. But instead of ripcord-activated CO2 tanks, the Trainer is inflated through a Schrader valve using compressed air from any gas station or air tank. Users cannot practice pulling the activation handle, but can practice with the inflated device as many times as needed.

    The Nebulus Trainer takes up to 10 minutes to inflate and is not intended for use in a rescue situation. Note: Each Nebulus Trainer ships with a dealer PRV removal tool to deflate after use.


    1. The Nebulus Training Device DOES NOT include any cylinders for inflation. It must be filled via the supplied Schrader valve using a compressed air source i.e. gas station air compressor.
  • Inflated volume: 18 cubic feet (510L)
    Weight (packed): 4 lbs (1.8 Kgs)
    Bouyancy Provided: 1000 lbf (455 Kg)
    Material: 420D PU coated nylon
    Temperature range: -40 to 150 F
    Inflation gas: Compressed Air, via Shraeder valve
    Inflation Time: 6-10 mins depending on source
    Activation Method:  N/A

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