Recharge for Nebulus EFD - Tax Exempt

Please Follow the below steps to get your Nebulus device recharged:

  1. Deflate the device by removing the Pressure Release Valve (PRV) with the supplied tool - refer to the Owners Manual or watch the "Deflate Instructions" video.
  2. Fold it into a shipping box.
  3. Include a copy of the completed online order receipt. IMPORTANT: It must include a return shipping address that is a physical location. No PO Boxes.
  4. Seal the box & ship the device back to:
    JTW Associates
    Attn: Repacking
    21025 Heron Way
    Lakeville, MN 55044.
  • DO NOT ship a device that has not been deployed and fully deflated.
  • Optional: Remove the CO2 bottles/activators/handle to save shipping weight (use a 9/16" wrench and then recycle the empty CO2 bottles as steel).

  • What to expect after JTW has received the device for recharging:

  • Once JTW receives the deployed Nebulus device, the recharged Nebulus device can be back to the owner in 7 business days (2-3 days for the recharge process & up to 4 days shipping via UPS ground).
  • The device is pressure tested, the CO2 bottles are replaced and the device is repacked.
  • The cost to recharge a Nebulus covers all services once JTW receives the device, including shipping via UPS ground back to the requested address.

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