After 21 years of manufacturing the Nebulus emergency flotation device, we unfortunately have made the tough decision to to stop manufacturing. We have completely sold out of Nebulus devices and they are no longer available.

We will no longer be able to recharge Nebulus devices that have been deployed. If you currently have an unused Nebulus device, know that it was designed to function properly for decades to come if properly cared for. The CO2 cylinders in your Nebulus are welded shut and are designed not to leak – there are no O-rings or gaskets to fail. Unfortunately, at this time there is no alternative option available for recharging a deployed Nebulus device.

Although we are unable to continue operating, we are very proud to have been able to help save over 400 lives since first launching the Nebulus device. Thank you to all of our loyal customers, especially all the State Troopers, Sheriff's Deputies, Police Officers and Fire Fighters who have risked their own lives while using a Nebulus device to save someone else's.

Mercy on the unlucky!

Thanks for your business over the last 2 decades. Your friends at Nebulus

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